In my opinion, jewelry is an emotional choice. We make a statement through jewelry about who we are. We represent ourselves to the people around us and we exhibit the mood we are in. Our choice of jewelry gives out a clue to our character.

How do you select one item out of all to wear today? Who do you want to be today? Are you a flirty dreamer or a lady of power, a traveler to an exotic land or an urban dweller? Perhaps you are getting ready to attend a Gala or simply take a shopping trip with a friend.

Whatever we feel at that moment in time drives us to choose the one piece that will be appropriate for this day.

As an artist, I create my beads and assemble them into jewelry in that emotional way. Will I make floral beads reminiscent of bright summery days or classic black and white ones that are timeless. Maybe something very sparkly and chic? It all comes in a spur of a moment and takes me away. As each piece I make holds a story for me, I hope that when it becomes yours it will bring you joy and pride to wear it and will develop a story that is only yours.

Absolutely unique russian style necklace with handmade murano glass beads




I make beads from Italian, German, American and Czech glass and then anneal them in the kiln for durability. Jewelry pieces are made from beads that took multiple days of work.

For the metal components, I love to use handmade items whenever possible. My favorite metals to work with are silver and copper.