Where you can meet the artist.

To all of my fans and customers here is some news.
An Art Festival is happening in downtown Ottawa.
Mark your calendars: Aug 19.
I will be displaying my creations at the Art In Strathcona Festival.
This event is a great opportunity to:
  • Meet the artist face to face and ask any questions about the process and the materials.
  • Have a piece designed by the artist to meet your own desires.
  • Place orders for the beads that you need if you are a jewelry maker yourself.
  • Pick up your ready orders with a surprise thank you gift.
  • See all the new creations first hand.
  • Get hot deals.

Remember, arriving earlier will allow you to see a better assortment! Don't miss the opportunity to see them all!

I have been busy working on new collections. Here is a little sneak peek.

Fashion accessories. Jewelry collection in black and white. Handmade jewelry from handmade glass beads

Jewelry collection in green. Handmade glass beads Venetian style in fashion accessories


Look at all these bright and new beads! Aren't they just delicious!

Handmade glass beads of multi color sparkling on mandrels. Murano glass.



Check this blog soon for more updates. Cheers.



  • It’s Great! Impossible)

  • Nice Work! Where are you situated?

    Wendy Canci

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