Get ready for your holiday shopping

The Holiday season is fast approaching. What I love about this time of the year, is excitement of family gathering together, seeing friends, and shopping for gifts.

My favourite place to find unique gifts for my family members and friends are the art shows and craft markets. I like to talk to crafters and hear their stories, learn some details pertaining to their craft, touch and feel the materials.

Fashion accessory, Fabulous necklace

Crafters usually work with natural materials to create items of beauty and some purpose. And I am a lover of all natural. I can’t pass by a wooden item without touching its surface and feeling the warmth and energy emanating from it. It used to be tree with deep roots, taking needed juices from earth and soaking up the sun energy. And now it presented a new purpose in a new form: be it a serving bowl, a walking cane or a writing pen.

 I am also crazy for all things fiber. Linen, silk, wool are magical to me. The scarfs, mittens, blankets, curtains, dresses – the list is endless for the use of these fibers. I love to knit, and I do get exited when I see a roll of a pretty yarn. Cozy and fluffy and soft are the touch sensations. Wool is comforting almost like a favourite pet. Maybe because it came from an animal that walked in the fields, exposed to the sun and wind. And it protected him from the cold and I feel confident that it will protect me from the cold too.

Metals forged into tiny or magnificent shapes deserve respect. The force and amount of heat needed to form metals is remarkable. The final product is strong and lasting.

Fashion accessories. Jewelry collection in black and white. Handmade jewelry from handmade glass beads

And there is also the glass. The material of my choice to express myself. Glass is all of the above. It is smooth and slick on the surface and absolutely hypnotizing to the touch and caress. It can be fabulously sparkling and glorious with its shine and luster. In fact, creating a bead is almost like going through the ages of Earth formation. Think how the precious stones were created by earth with heat and pressure.  The glass bead is created in the hottest flames, fusing together different minerals and components. It did withstand a fire and took a shape, given to it by gravity and centrifugal forces. The bead is strong. Each bead has its character and personality.

Fashion accessory, Fabulous necklace from handblown glass beads

I invite you to look through some of my creations and maybe you will see something that resonates with your character or seems to be a good fit for someone special on you gift list this year. Enjoy and remember the personal hand touch and a piece of the heart that went into each creation.

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